Monday, May 16, 2011

Waterfall Paper Bag Mini Album

This waterfall album is the first in a series of mini albums I have created.  They are the "Class in a Bag" series I have taught over the years at Roberts and other scrapbook stores.  The unique thing about these albums is they are easy to customize to your own style and needs.  Here are a few examples of this album.  The picture above shows the one at my esty store.
This is what the album looked like when I customized it with a few ribbons, flowers, brads, and bling!  SUPER CUTE!  I'll be adding 'slip n slide' and sandbox pictures of my daughter and her friend.

Here is the etsy fishing album.
Here it is customized with a few metal embellishments and things my son likes to collect on our family hikes.  We often go fishing at Fish Lake with our family and I take tons of pictures, they will go in this album.  PS  there is room for 14-17 photos and or journaling (WOW)! 

Last, but not least (I'm sure there will be more to come), is the travel album.  This is the one at my esty store.  It is simple, but may need little more than a few ribbons, your pictures, and journaling.

WAIT . . . if you love this idea, but what to create your own theme, not to worry, I also have the instructions ONLY on sale, at etsy also.  They come complete with written instructions, photos for better understanding, templates, cutting guides, and supplies list.  Once you own this guide you can make as many of these darling albums as you want!

Hope to inspire you to make those memories last with a little pizaz.  Happy Scrapping!

Super Cute Girly Aprons

Okay ladies . . . I am back.  I started this blog and then found myself in the midst of the 1st trimester bog.  Now that I'm out of the fog I have been working hard on some new things.  This is the first of a couple different projects I have made.  My daughter begged me for a month to make her a "cupcake making apron."  Finally I did and it turned out SUPER CUTE!  Plus it was so much fun, I ran to the store and more fabric to make these.  These are on sale at my esty store, so check out this link for all the info on them.  I still have many of these aprons so if you'd like one just give me a call.  They are $15.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Welcome to the sister blog of SharinaShack Photography.  On this blog I will be sharing with you all the 'other' stuff, or Scraps I enjoy doing.  I've noticed over the years that I switch between the different hobbies and interest I enjoy.  Sometimes it's perfect weather to spend a few days in the garage (our wood shop) with my husband creating super cute home decor items, or taking photos outdoors.  Other times it's too cold, so I sew, scrapbook, or crochet.  Often my friends, neighbors, and family members tell me, "Sharina you could sell that!"  Well . . . this my starting point for that.  Since I can't choose a favorite hobby to make a career of, I have decided to choose them all.  I hope you love what you see here and that it will inspire you be fun and creative also.