Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloween Rules Digital Collection

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year.  There are soooo many fun activities to do as a family with this fun holiday season.  Every year we take our kids to our local pumpkin patch, then we carve intricate patterns out of them.  We hold a ‘Spooky Dinner’ with games afterward, rake the leaves and jump in them, and of course there is Trick or Treating.  A few years ago, my husband’s family started a new tradition, where we have a family gathering with all the siblings and cousins.  The kids go to a carnival, we eat spooky food, and play more games.  In celebration of all these activities, and more, I designed the Halloween Rules Collection.  Scrapbook ALL the festivities using one collection and have a spooky time!  Here is the link to this collection on my webstie.  And it's on sale this month!!
Wanna save some time and effort?  This is the Halloween Rules Extras that can be purchased seperately from the origianl collection.  Here is the link to the Extras on my website.  Also, on sale this month. 
How do I use these kits? With my 5 kids and all the family activities and holidays, I've started condensing the scrapbooks into 'groupings.' For example, my Halloween scrapbooks for the past several years show the ENTIRE season in one book. I mean, everything. From the pumpking patch, the carving, the family parties, the trick or treating, the carnivals, etc. I do it this way so I only have to think about the style and color scheme of these activities ONE TIME! Because of that, everything in my kit has to fit all these festivities. It's not just a collection about costumes and trick or treating. It will also work fantastic for the hay rides and jumping in the leaves. Here are some of the pages in my digital ebook (my ebooks are 12x12 digital pages, that I place in a double page spread and save). When the book is done, I burn it onto CD's and send them to the grandparents to enjoy.  All they have to do is put it on their DVD player and watch the book on their big screen TV's. You can also save any videos you took of the season onto the CD to keep everything together.

I love to create silly games for our family spooky dinners and festivals.  Here is a silly game made using the TODAYS EVENTS cards from this collection ... for FREE!  The kids pick a card and have to act out what is on the card.  Play it like cherades or use it when the kids come trick or treating (they have to do a trick before they can get a treat).


Friday, September 26, 2014

Handcart and the Tucked Away Mini Album

I think I took a trek across the desert just to bring this pattern to you ... lol!  However, as these things tend to be, it was well worth the effort!  So, without further delay, here it is, the "Handcart" home decor piece and the "Tucked Away Mini Album."  The baskets inside the handcart are removable, so you can arrange them to your liking.  The mini album is housed inside the main part of the handcart for easy storage.  And the umbrella is removable as well, for more arranging options. 

Not only does the album 'tuck away' neatly inside the handcart, but it is filled with places to 'tuck away' all the fun moments that we treasure.

Papers for the above cart are the "Secret Garden" Collection from G45

This handcart was my origanol.  I started it a couple years ago, then took a break to create my website and work on some you tube videos.  By the time I got around to finishing it up, I had forgotten how I had put it together ... so, I had to make a second one (the flower cart) to remind myself.  I love how different these are and how absolutely adorable they both turned out.  I think this would also make a darling 'hot dog stand' for your favorite family BBQ photos, a spooky cart for Halloween, or a gift giving cart for Christmast time.


Papers for this project are "The Sweet Stack" by DCWV.   Although this paper is not longer in print, there are a couple of other manufacturers who have just put out some darling 'sweet's type paper, that would be perfect for this project.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Out of the Box - Pencil Box Style

  We had a fun and very busy summer, made lots of memories, and loved every minute of it! 
 The kids are back in school and I am starting to remember what "quiet time" feels like ... lol!
During the very small moments of 'quiet time' I did manage to sneak away from my kids, I worked on some fun projects that I am excited to share with you over the next few months.  I even got started on a new Foto Folio series that I will be videoing for you tube this next year :)   
When I was in 5th grade my teacher had us write our 'life history.'  In it we wrote about our early years, school years, what we thought about our family members, etc.  It took several months to complete this project and lots of help from my parents, but I will always be grateful that our teacher had us write this history at such a young age.  I cherish the small and simple memories written in an imature hand, but memories I wouldn't remember now, such as: who my friends were, what boys I liked, and favorite study subjects. 
My oldest started Middle School this year and I want him to write a short history of his memories for each year, before he forgets them, as well.  This album was designed with this 'history' in mind.  And although I am not including his 'baby years' in this album (I've made several baby books for him with that theme), I hope he will cherish the memories he has written down as well.
So... here is a fun album that has tons of space for photos and journaling. This one, was created to look like a pencil box, but again, any season would look great! There are three different pages styles that can be mixed as you decide, and it also explains how the removeble photo frame works.  This pattern also includes 3 different "information cards" in png format, so they can be printed on any color of cardstock that coordinates with the collection you choose.  It also explains how to make your pages look like file folders, if you choose to have them look that way.

Here are the three 'information cards' included in the pattern. 
Credit: G45 "ABC Primer Collection"

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School Binder Mini Album

Here is the last video in my FREE mini album series on you tube, the School Binder Mini Album.  It has been a fabulous year and I've enjoyed sharing these projects with you.  I hope you have had a chance to see some of my other projects and video's showing them as well.  The patterns are available on my website at under the mini albums tab.
Also, I am pleased to announce my new video series on you tube...
In my new video series I will be showing how to create some fabulous Foto Folio's that double as home decor items as well. I guarantee to have 6 videos in this series (one every other month), but may add more as the year progresses :)  This series will start in October 2014, and the patterns will be available for purchase on my website as well.  Sneak peaks to come!