Monday, April 21, 2014

Fairyhouse Video is Up
Here is the video to the fairy house pattern as I promised earlier this month.  I have successfully taught the first set of classes for this project in April and it was a blast! 
I will be teaching a second set of classes this coming month, May 1st and May 8th from 6-9pm.  Sign up at JoAnn's in Cedar City, Utah.  If you can't make the class or don't live within a reasonable distance to attend the class :) Not a problem.  Pick up the tutorial for this project here and browse the rest of my website for more tutorials you may also want!  Each pattern includes dimensions, written descriptions and pictures for each step.  It also includes embellishing ideas!  Send your finished projects to my email

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I create my Digital Mini Albums

I am using the "Sweet Rain" Waterfall Paperbag Album in my examples here... First of all, I drag my photos into photoshop and drop them into the different "Sweet Rain" Mini files (as I've shown in my Expanded CD Case and Matchbook Mini you tube videos) and save them as jpeg files.  I've talked to my local printing stores and know that they carry the type of paper I like to print on for these files (I think it's 100 lb. silk, or something like that ... it's what they print Christmas cards and such on).  And they carry it in different sizes.  I usually go with the 11 X 17 size.
I create a new page in photoshop that is this size and I drag and drop my jpeg files onto this new page, arranging them so I have as little white space as possible.  NOTE: Be sure NOT to set the images against the edges because the printers don't print to the edge.  I like to start about 1/4 inch or more away from the edges.  Once those are done, I save them as jpeg files, put them on my memory stick  and head to the printing place (although I believe many places you can just upload them straight to there sight).  I need to get out of the house with my two little boys, so we take them in ... (I use Image Pro for those who are local to Cedar City, Utah).  We are only there about 5-10 minutes before I have my sheets of cardstock printed and I'm eager to get home and create my mini.

Using the pattern that comes with the digital images, I cut out my printed 'elements' and organize them into pages. 

All that is left is to follow the directions in the pattern to create the interactive elements of the mini album and adhere everything into place.  I am always so excited to see the mini albums come together ... with pictures!  (as I have a lot of traditional mini albums still waiting to have pictures added to them).  Here is the link to this pattern, again.  Here is the link to the video for this project.  Hope this little explination helps.
Happy scrappin!
PS This mini only took 3 1/2 printed pages (11x17) to create.  Fill your empty space with photos or another mini ablum :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Waterfall PaperBag Album
Happy rainy days everyone!  Here is this months you tube video, the Waterfall Paperbag Mini Album.  I have made many of these because they are quick and easy, and very adaptable to any theme (see more photos below).  A special feature to this album is my new "Sweet Rain" Digital Collection.  Also available is the "Sweet Rain" Digital Waterfall Paperbag Mini Album.  Drop in your pictures, save, print, and create your interactive mini album! (Shown here)  In my next post I will show you how I print and create my mini albums.
The first pages have tags and a flip out page.

The middle pages have an interactive window opening.

The last pages  have room for lots of photos and the special "waterfall" flip out feature, along with extra large tags.
(click on the picture)
Here are some other examples using the traditional scrapbooking style...
Summer theme:
Fishin theme:

Vacation or Road Trip theme:

I actually have these three premade (they look just like this) and are ready for purchase, if anyone is interested.  Contact me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Rain Digital Collection
Ever since I was young I have loved to play in the rain.  When most people head indoors for the day I enjoy a calm walk down the streets barefoot and often up to my knees in warm water.  Now that I have children, we stand at the front door and watch the rain fall.  Before long everyone has found their coats, taken off their shoes, and headed down the street (where the water pools up).  We’ve made skim boards to try our skill and gliding across the shallow water, road our bikes through it making spectacular splashes, run around with umbrellas that do us little good, and the rain makes a wet trampoline better than any sprinkler can.  We’ve even had a little fun during some neighborhood flooding (my son rode the kayak down the street).  I hide my camera under my coat and whip it out to take pictures of all these fun activities through it all.  Afterwards the kids enjoy a warm bath and have the best stories and memories.  I designed the Sweet Rain Collection with a fun whimsical style to help share all the fun activities that can be done in the rain.  Be sure to take a look at the Sweet RainWaterfall Paper Bag Mini Album also, for a premade mini album that makes it easy to share those photos.  Just drop your photos in, add your journaling, print the files and paste them to your mini album.  See the next post for more detail pictures of this mini album.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fairy Cottage

I am so very excited to share this project with you.  It is the SAME cottage pattern as the Elf Cottage I shared back in Januray (shown at the bottom of this post).  However, I have revised the pattern so that you get both cottages in the same pattern!  Yah!  Here is the link to the revised pattern.  A couple differences I'd like to point out however ... the fairy cottages has a chimney that was designed to look like a tree trunk and the roof(s) design is quite different. 
I will be doing a you tube video, displaying this project about mid April.  Look for the link to come.
Furthermore, this is April and May's JoAnn's Ladies Night project.  You will need to sign up for two nights to complete the project.  The week break between evenings will help you to get caught up without frying your brain :)   
The dates are April 3rd and April 10th from 6-9 pm, and May 1st and May 8th from 6-9 pm.  You may also sign up for April 3rd and May8th if those dates are better for you. 

Credits: DCWV "Chateau Lavenar Stack" 2013