Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pockets Full of Fun (May - Ladies Night)

Okay ... here it is!  This is the project for "Ladies Night" at JoAnn's in Cedar City, Utah.  It will be on May 23th from 6-9pm (Thursday).  This album is made from  a 8x8 mat stack that has the pattern paper, coordinating cardstock, and sticker sheets, all in the same stack (it can be made with whatever you have on hand also). This album is on display at JoAnns if you'd like to take a better look at it.  During the class I will be demonstrating the cover, the binding system and how the pages are made.  It's EASY! and super fun to make.  It would make a great gift or brag book also.  It measures approx. 6 1/2 x 4 1/4, has six main pages, and 18 tags and pull outs.

Here is an overview of the basic pages and it's goodies.

On the front of each page is a flap, that pulls out for a photo/journal spot.

On the back of each page is a place for a large and smaller tag. 
Materials for this project are listed at JoAnns.  So come out and join me for a night of fun, laughter, and creative expression!  Hope to see you there .... SharinaShack

Fire Cracker Box

How super cute is this ... yes I love the exploding box idea.  This is a new style from my other ones further down on the posts.  I made this to teach at my July class at JoAnns this year, but we have decided not to do it at this time.  Instead I am going to be teaching the "Ladies Night" project once a month for the next 4-5 months.  The ladies night projects are a bit simpler, but just as adorable and still loaded with photo and journaling spots.  Look for those posts coming soon! 

The story ... I was creating this idea and just needed some random paper to create it, so I used this americana paper from my stash (it was a 12x12 stack from 5 years or so ago and I can't seem to find the cover from the stack to tell you the manufacturer).  Anyway, I was never really impressed with the americana paper and couldn't find any inspiration from it, so I thought it would work great for a demo project.  As the album came together I fell in love with how it looks and the paper seemed to tell me where it wanted to be placed.  In the end I love it and I love how it looks like its a packaged fire cracker. 
This album is a little shorter (5x5) than the previous ones I made and the extra pages are totally different, but have lots of pockets, flip books, and fold outs.  The stickers are *** and the sprays I got from JoAnns.  I hope to teach this class next year, till then the instructions will be available for purchase on my website (still in progress).


Quick post ... I had a new nephew born this month (his infant pictures will be posted on my photograpy blog, later in May).  His nursery theme is "How to Train Your Dragon."  When I found that out my mind wouldn't stop until I made him a little toothless hat.  How cute is this!
Yes, I do costume hat orders also, just contact me if you are interested.

Crochet Infant Hats

Another hobby of mine is crochet ... when we travel or I'm visiting my family I like to be doing something with my hands.  I made these hats on our way to and from our Easter camping trip this last month (you can't tell what colors of yarn I took with me, can you? ;)  Because I'm a photographer also and I love taking infant and baby pictures I was naturally drawn to making baby and infant hats (although I enjoy making them for my kids, nieces and nephews on occasion also).

I can't decide if I should add earflaps and braids to this little guys hat?  Hum ...
Yes, these are for sale between $15-25 a hat.  Just contact me and we can arrange something (until I get my website up). 

These I made at other random times during April.  A nephews birthday party, talking with my sister, etc.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Meandering Mini (one sheet of 12x12 paper)

Here is just a quick little mini (super mini, it's only 3x3x .5).  I threw this together in 30 minutes for a Relief Society activity we were having. If you want to make it, just type in "meandering mini" in Utube and there is a hand full of tutorials that show you how. 

Tags pull from the top (or sides if you choose).

Tags fit in pockets.

You can even make a little window for a picture to slide into.

It fits in the palm of your hand and is a good project for younder girls also.

Travel Bag Mini

This album I designed to teach at JoAnn's one of these coming months.  The paper is DCWV "My Sunshine Stack."  Love this paper because it can be used for anything summertime: vacation, riding bikes, going to the park, swimming, etc.  I have about half left that I can't wait to find something to use it on. :) I had a closure on it, but it wasn't working (thus the small holes).  I've just picked up a new one, but haven't put it on yet. There is room for 40+ photos/journaling spots in this book (you could fit all of summer in here).
It opens into three sections (there is one under the left half there also). 


The top part is a 'book' that opens both ways and holds tags.  The bottom is three flip pockets that hold more tags.

Inside each tied fold up section is a pocket designed to hold an extra tag, as well as, more places for good size photos.

And still there is an even larger tied fold out that holds and extra pocket and an extra page.  This album is approx. 7x5.5x1 and it has a fun handle as well.  Stay in touch for when I will be teaching this album at JoAnn's.  The pattern will be up on my website (which is still in progress) as soon as I get it up :)

Togetherness Album

This album I made watching Kathy Orta's "December Daily 2012" mini album on Utube (she is one of my favorites to watch).  In her's they made four times as many pages, I just wanted to have fun with the techniques.  I ran out of paper for the cover so I had to improvise lol!  The cover is the only thing embellished, but I love the book plate from Tim Holtz and the giant orange flower I got when I was part of a design team.  I made the little charm from extras in my stash and it has a hairband closure. 

Inside there is room for TONS of photos and there is lots of interaction (pockets, tags, flip-pgs, etc.).  Really fun design style. This paper and stickers I got back in 2007 at Ben Franklin.  It's from Deja Views paper line.  This album is approx. 7.5x6x1.

and this is what I have left of the stickers to use when I decide what pictures to add.  Soo fun!

Vintage Mini

Here one of the three I promised in my last post.  This project happened 'just because' I wanted to make something fun and different.  I made a number of the flowers here on the front cover (I'll have to show you how in another post sometime), some where premade.  I crocheted the wrap around tie also.  Love how this turned out.

Inside are a couple of differnt style pages, here are just a few of my favorites.  There is a lot of fun things cut from my cricket, stamps I have, heat emboxxing, and some awesome trim I found at JoAnns.  It measures about 6x6x2.5.  Paper is from Colorbok (at Walmart).