Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crochet Infant Hats

Another hobby of mine is crochet ... when we travel or I'm visiting my family I like to be doing something with my hands.  I made these hats on our way to and from our Easter camping trip this last month (you can't tell what colors of yarn I took with me, can you? ;)  Because I'm a photographer also and I love taking infant and baby pictures I was naturally drawn to making baby and infant hats (although I enjoy making them for my kids, nieces and nephews on occasion also).

I can't decide if I should add earflaps and braids to this little guys hat?  Hum ...
Yes, these are for sale between $15-25 a hat.  Just contact me and we can arrange something (until I get my website up). 

These I made at other random times during April.  A nephews birthday party, talking with my sister, etc.


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