Friday, April 19, 2013

Togetherness Album

This album I made watching Kathy Orta's "December Daily 2012" mini album on Utube (she is one of my favorites to watch).  In her's they made four times as many pages, I just wanted to have fun with the techniques.  I ran out of paper for the cover so I had to improvise lol!  The cover is the only thing embellished, but I love the book plate from Tim Holtz and the giant orange flower I got when I was part of a design team.  I made the little charm from extras in my stash and it has a hairband closure. 

Inside there is room for TONS of photos and there is lots of interaction (pockets, tags, flip-pgs, etc.).  Really fun design style. This paper and stickers I got back in 2007 at Ben Franklin.  It's from Deja Views paper line.  This album is approx. 7.5x6x1.

and this is what I have left of the stickers to use when I decide what pictures to add.  Soo fun!

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