Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage Suitcase Video

Hey everyone!  A few months ago I created this Vintage Suitcase for a challenge on the Mini Album Swaps and More facebook page.  The response was so fantastic that I quickley wrote the tutorial  in less than 4 days!  Others requested a video for the project as well... and here it is!  This video is intended to help you create your very own, custome made suitcase and I am very excited to share it with you all!!  This video shows you how to construct the box, as well as, decorating tips and techniques!  Find some time to create this project, then fill it with all your vacation travel memories for the summer!  Here is the link to the previous post about this suitcase (and more pictures).
Thank you again for all of your amazing support!  Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Graphic 45 DesignTeam Audition 2015

Wow, I can't believe I am finally auditioning.  I've wanted to for years, but my young family took most of my time.  However, the time has finally come and my family is ready to support me ... yah! 
For my audition I want to take you 'back in time,' to a place of memories past and share with you projects from some of the older Graphic 45 collections.  I hope that fond memories will return to you as you look through my work and that you love what you see.  I am inspired by my family, my own experiences, my love for learning, my desire to teach, and a deep love for crafting.
Project #1
Since spring is upon us I want to share one of my favorite projects ... a Handcart with a mini album inside.  I have written a pattern for this project as well (link here).  My goal was to enhance and show off the beautiful paper, in a timeless way!  I use this as a home decor item in my home every spring as well as a place to hold and preserve precious memories.

 Secret Garden, Graphic 45
Project #2
This Shadow Box Foto Folio was inspired by one of the most fun holidays we celebrate as a family... Halloween!  I have also written a pattern for this (pattern link here) and have a video tutorial on how it is assembled (link here).  I love the vibrant colors and adorable graphics.  Here again, I set it out as a home decor item in my home.  It is very rewarding to see that my children have gotten it down to look at the pictures and memories inside each year.

 Happy Haunting and Hallowe'en in Wonderland, Graphic 45
Project #3
This project seemed appropriate as the ABC Primer collection is returning to print.  Here I have designed an Out of the Box Album, pencil box style (pattern link here).  When I was in 5th grade we had to write our 'history' to date.  It was quite a project that took several months to complete.  However, I will always be grateful for the teacher who had us write it.  It is fun to reread what I thought about in 5th grade and hear the language of my youth.  I want my children to look back and have a similar experience.  This album has LOTS of room for photos and journaling tags, prompts, etc. and is the start of my children's history.

 ABC Primer, Graphic 45
Project #4
This project I finished fairly recently and was extremely fun to create!  I had been waiting for the perfect project for this paper (because I love it so much).  When I decided it was time to audition I knew I had to create something stunning with this paper!  As I often do, I layed the paper on my table and left it there to inspire me.  I also looked through ideas online and then, went to bed.  As I slept this idea came to me.  I had to make a few notes and sketches in the middle of the night so I wouldn't forget by morning ... lol.  It was very fun to create through the months of the year, thinking about the celebrations and watching my design change as the seasons change.

Place in Time, Graphic 45
Project #5
Mixed media is fairly new way of creating for me ... and I am loving it!  As I was looking through left over papers from other projects, I came across this angel paper.  I have three sisters, one passed when I was nine years old and I always felt she became my guardian angel.  My other sister and I are very close and we enjoy crafting for hours when we get together.  These experiences, and this paper came together effortlessly.  I've found, that when we connect our craft to a strong emotion, it means so much more to us.  Likewise, other people (even ones we don't know) connect with it as well, because we share feelings and experiences on a deeper level.

Christmas Past, Graphic 45

Project #6
Here is another mixed media project, with a much more masculine feel.  My husband has always had his 'head in the clouds!'  Since he was young he has designed and flown RC planes.  Naturally, he has shared his love with our three boys.  This was created (mommy style) to encourage them to 'reach for their dreams!' and fly to 'new heights' in life. 

Transatlantic, Graphic 45

Project #7
This project took the combined effort of my husband and I.  I fell in love with the paper and the colors and decided to design an organizer for my craft room.  From my sketchy design (lol) my husband (a carpenter) created this organizer from hardboard.  From there I painted it and adhered the gorgeous paper to it.  Naturally, I left it very simple so could stuff it full of my favorite things.  I had quite a bit of paper left over so I created another mini album (pattern link here).  This pattern has been a popular one on my website and I credit that, in part, to this stunning paper.

 Steampunk, Graphic 45

Project #8
Finally, I want to share another favorite project of mine.  Again, this a fabulous home decor item with a mini album concealed inside (pattern link here).  Although this is not Graphic 45 paper it shows my style of crafting after years of experimenting, and trial and error.  Many of the projects on my website I have taught classes for at my local craft store.  However, it closed it's classroom doors last summer (so sad).  As that door closed, I found myself looking for another door that might be open to me.  Although I often create projects for my family, my purpose is to create so that I can share it with others.  I want to inspire others to "create because they love it!"  In their own style and their own way.

Anthem, BoBunny

 I hope you have enjoyed a trip down memory lane.  Looking back I see how far I have come.  Looking forward I see a bright future filled with wonderful experiences and fantastic memories.  Thank you for considering me for the Graphic 45 2015-2016 Design Team.  Good luck to all the other applicants, it is a pleasure to craft along side you all!

Sharina Shack

Sunday, March 15, 2015

LUCK banner

Okay, so I've been on a banner kick lately :)  I actually created this one last month, but was saving it to share with you for St. Patrick's Day.  I kept it quite simple. 
(chipboard letters, glitter, burlap paper, pages from an old book, jute, flowers, buttons, charm).
I have a darling little 5 year old boy with RED hair (only he'll tell you it's orange, not red).  He was born in March as well and I've always thought of him as my own little lucky Leprichan.  He holds a special place in my heart and loves snuggles and hugs (which I soak in!!).  He is sweet, kind and very tender hearted (not what is often referred to as a typical red head).  He makes me smile and laugh AND he has a Big Head (size wise)  His face is so adorable, and full of freckles, it reminds me of a puppies face.  I laugh every time I look through my photos, cause I have tons of pictures of his head (and face) ... lol!
Wishing you all the best of LUCK this fun holiday!
I thought a small chunky charm with gold nuggets would bring a little extra fun to the banner.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Flower Banner Tutorial

FYI the Live class went great for everyone but me (technical difficulties) ... lol! Everyone had fun though. I rerecorded the video, however, so that later viewers wouldn't be lost and confused.
I finished the banner also, here are the pics...