Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dresser & Z Fold Album

I've got a fun idea for you today.  This project  is a functional dresser (miniature one) and the bottom drawer is the min album.  I image this would be DARLING as a new baby gift, because the drawers are perfect to hold little bracelets, bows, and memorabilia.  The album would be perfect as a babies first year record (you could add pictures and babies firsts or favorites). 
(pattern is on sale this month)

Credits: "Dear Jane" stack by DCWV

Monday, May 18, 2015

Baby ABC Book

This is my baby, when he was a baby :) Similar to my last post ... I've made an ABC book for each of my kids with their baby pictures.  (All 5 DONE!)  I pick pictures that go along with the poem (posted below) from birth to 9 months of age.  It becomes one of their favorite books to read, especially because it's all about them.   Paper here is a mix from the "Not to Shabby" collections (Parker, Penelope, and Memory Lane) all by Shabby Princess.

These pages are 6 x 6, and similar to my previous post, I've done this traditionally for some of my kids and digitally for some of them. These books are fun to look at and campare the features of my kids faces, to see who looks like who, etc. They also like to show them at school when they are 'kid of the week," and it helps them make learning their ABC's fun!
Here is the poem (revised):
I picked this up off the internet over 10 years ago and have no idea where I found it.

A is for angel sent from above,
B is for baby smothered with love.
C is for cute as cute can be,
D is for discovering just daddy and me.
E is for everything baby and more,
F is for father walking the floor.
G is for glad that you are finally here,
H is for heaven you bring so near.
I is for the innocence in your baby eyes,
J is for jabbering which tells no lies.
K is for kisses the sweet baby kind,
L is for love no greater you'll find.
M is for magical moments with mommy,
N is for eating your hands, nummy, nummy.
O is for the only things that you do,
P is for precious baby so perfect and new.
Q is for quiet so don't make a peep,
R is for rocking you gently to sleep.
S is for sunny sweet smiles each new day,
T is for tummy time where you can play.
U is for the unforgetable moments we share,
V is for very valuable to those who care.
W is for my wiggly wondering child,
X is for the exciement you display so mild.
Y is for yesterdays that fly by so fast.
Z is for zzz's and good dreams that last.
(I wrote this from memory ... lol .. guess I've read it a few times!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Toddler Personality Books

I've been MIA the past few weeks with compture trouble and I've been focusing on my other love ... photography!  However, I have accomplished a couple of things during that time :) This album is for my awesome little boy.  Here is the story ....
(How To .... is further down the post, so keep reading)

My favorite age (so far) is between 2 and 5 years old.  Their personalities are starting to really poke out, shine, and they are gaining a little bit of independence.  I love the way they talk, what they say, their little attitudes, etc.  Although their are moments of struggle, for the most part, they keep me laughing and smiling.  However, they are still moldable and teachable (mostly), with a little patience and love.  When my first boy was this little I made a 'personaity book' of all the little bits and pieces that made up him.  I wrote down stories and took pictures to compliment them.  Then I compiled them (see pictures below for that book).  As each of  my children have grown up, I've written them a book about this ages also (only one more to go). 
 These books are fun, and have been cherished and read throughout the years. Im so glad these stories have been written or they would have been lost and forgotten, even though my kids personalities haven't really changed that much, just matured :) 
Jouraling goes on the main pages, under the pictures.
There are two pictures for each personalilty trait, and they are short pages that hide the journaling.
 The book shown above is my awesome baby number 4 :)  It was made digitally using the "Big Adventure" freebie collecion by Heather Roselli Designs, that was on the Sweet Shoppe Designs website this year. 
I printed my completed pages on 100 lb. silk cover paper, adhered them back to back, chopped the corners, and had it bound.  My little guy has been carrying it around, looking at the pictures, and having me read the stories to him ever since (so rewarding)!
How to:
I wanted to share how I made these albums... my first two kids albums were done with traditional scrapbooking supplies (before I got into digital), and the last couple I did digitally, but the concept and sizes are the same. 
Main pages - 5x5 inches (usually plain cardstock, because the journaling goes there)
The little decorative edging (with the personality trait on it) is - 2 x 5
Embelish as desired.
Adhere these pages back to back.
Photo pages - 3 x 5 inch photos
Adhere them back to back
(note: I have two pictures to show each personality trait)
The book has large pages for the journaling and the short pages are the pictures.
Assemble and bind.
This is the order my album was made:
Front cover
Mommy love you note (with two favorite photos)
Quote/Dedication page (with two favorite photos)
Personality pages (with two photos showing the personality trait on the page)
My wish for you page (with two favorite photos)
Back cover