Saturday, September 6, 2014

Out of the Box - Pencil Box Style

  We had a fun and very busy summer, made lots of memories, and loved every minute of it! 
 The kids are back in school and I am starting to remember what "quiet time" feels like ... lol!
During the very small moments of 'quiet time' I did manage to sneak away from my kids, I worked on some fun projects that I am excited to share with you over the next few months.  I even got started on a new Foto Folio series that I will be videoing for you tube this next year :)   
When I was in 5th grade my teacher had us write our 'life history.'  In it we wrote about our early years, school years, what we thought about our family members, etc.  It took several months to complete this project and lots of help from my parents, but I will always be grateful that our teacher had us write this history at such a young age.  I cherish the small and simple memories written in an imature hand, but memories I wouldn't remember now, such as: who my friends were, what boys I liked, and favorite study subjects. 
My oldest started Middle School this year and I want him to write a short history of his memories for each year, before he forgets them, as well.  This album was designed with this 'history' in mind.  And although I am not including his 'baby years' in this album (I've made several baby books for him with that theme), I hope he will cherish the memories he has written down as well.
So... here is a fun album that has tons of space for photos and journaling. This one, was created to look like a pencil box, but again, any season would look great! There are three different pages styles that can be mixed as you decide, and it also explains how the removeble photo frame works.  This pattern also includes 3 different "information cards" in png format, so they can be printed on any color of cardstock that coordinates with the collection you choose.  It also explains how to make your pages look like file folders, if you choose to have them look that way.

Here are the three 'information cards' included in the pattern. 
Credit: G45 "ABC Primer Collection"

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