Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo Box

I have been supper busy and having a TON of fun coming up with new mini's and projects.  I got the idea for this photo box one evening when I got a text telling me that my nephew was born. I had a neice born just a few weeks before and I wanted to do something special for them, that only I could do.  This darling girl has four older brothers, so I felt she needed a jewelry box for all those fun girly things.  I also made her a bracelet and a hat to go inside.  I did a photoshoot for each of them as well and made a small mini of my favorite photos.  The frame stands up or lays down. 
Here is the frame laying down with the drawer open.

And here is my nephew's box.  His nursery was decorated in How to Train Your Dragon theme!  I made that hat for him as well, I just couldn't resist!
The pattern for this is written and ready, however, the website is still in progress.  I have so many other projects to show you, but I am waiting for the website to go up before I post them here.  I hope the website is getting close :)

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