Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Expanded CD Case_NotewothySeries _Dec2013

The you tube video for this super quick, super simple mini album is now up :)   Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFzPm1m-SGY
I LOVE this album ... because in only three short pages you can show the entire holiday season.  Yes, the entire season!  How you say?  Add a couple of you favorite photos to the album and burn the rest to a CD or DVD to share with family and friends.  This album would make a great gift! 
Also, this album can be created using traditional scrapbooking methods (designer paper and cardstock) and works excellent for those of you who DIGITALLY scrapbook as well.
 The album here was created using my Gingerbread Collection.  To make it even easier for you to create this I've done all the work, in the Gingerbread Expanded CD Case Mini Album.  All you need do is drop your favorite pictures in and print the files. Also, you can purchase the Templates for the Expaneded CD Case and use this same idea with any paper and theme or season you desire.  This method saves time, paper, and money! 

The album shown here was made using the traditional scrapbooking method.  Other great ideas for this album include: new baby, wedding, summer season, year in review, etc. 


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