Saturday, February 8, 2014

Monster Hats!!!

This winter I decided to crochet monster hats for all my kids ... I ended up making them for my husband and myself as well :) Since then I've had soooo many people comment on how darling and awesome they are that I've decided to make them and sale them. They are between $30-$40 dollars a hat (depends on the goodies you'd like added to it and the size). They are a fun chunky style of hat as well, perfect for cold weather fun. You can request certain colors and I'll do my best to find the right ones. Have fun choosing from eyes, horns, pom poms, curly hair, pig tails, mouths, cheeks, etc.
I have something for everyone!

Take a look at these photos and decide what you'd like to have. Then email me at or call me at 435-327-0165 or Kaylee Tiede 435-720-4143. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the construction and shipping. I have premade white, black, and grey hats on hand for faster processing, if you choose. They have been made in a non-smoking, pet free home (except monsters, of course).

Also, have a look at the simple sizing chart at the end of the photos.


Hat Size
Head Circumference
15-18 inches
18-20 inches
20-22 inches
22+ inches


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