Saturday, May 31, 2014

Scandinavian Days Festival

I have been MIA on the blog and facebook this month ... my husband and I spent every moment of the month preparing for the Scandinavian Days Festival in Ephraim, Utah.  Here is our booth (please excuse the pictures, they were taken on my phone).  This shows a little more about me :)

What do I do to relax ... crochet!  It's a no brainer activity for me and I love to do it while listening to an audio book before bed.

I am also a photographer, and took these Manti Temple pictures (my husband made the frames).  And of course, I scrapbook ... these are extra mini albums I had lying around the house :)  My mother-in-law made the adroably bright aprons.

My husband is a carpenter and makes cabinet doors for a living ... so I got creative and made chalkboard art from these.  I have some left if anyone is ineterested.

The big ticket seller was the Marsmallow Crossbow shooter my husband designed.  They were a HUGE HIT with all the little kids between 2 and 15 ... we sold EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!  Awesome job honey!

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