Monday, June 22, 2015

Quick Banners

Quick, easy and just the thing to add a little celebration to your home ... the Burlap Stars Banner.  This would also look super cute with bits of tattered fabric hanging between the pendants. 
And here is a new idea for you ... every wonder what to do with all those jeans your kids grow out of or that have huge holes in them?  At first, I saved the pockets so my kids to 'create' with them.  When I was thinking about 4th of July banners I thought this would be a great idea for those hundreds of pockets.  This is an eclectic assortment of pockets from various pairs of kids pants.  I sewed them together, leaving a 1 inch space between the pockets for strips of patriotic fabric.  Took me a matter of minutes to put this banner together.

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