Thursday, February 12, 2015

Burlap Banner Tutorial

It's a beautiful day! and there is so much to be grateful for ... as I have been creating these simple projects I've been pondering the things that I love most.  I started with a list:  my family, friends, religion, home, talents, and much more.  My thoughts have turned to 'why' I am grateful for these many things and the impact they have had in my life.  While creating this banner think of one thing you are grateful for and why. You'll come away with a darling display and a HEART full of LOVE!
Materials: burlap, Stiffy (or fabric stiffiner, Modge Podge works great too), stencil brush,  scissors, paint of your choice, a piece of scrap cardstock, trim.
How to:
1.  Cut a length of burlap 7 inches tall (I used a light burlap here).
2. (optional step) Turn under one long edge 1 inch, sew it down to form a casing for your trim.
(you could also hot glue it down to form a casing)
3. Stiffen the burlap with Stiffy or other fabric siffener.  Be sure to tap the stiffener into the fibers of the burlap.
4.  Cut triangles from your fabric (with the casing across the top of your triangle pendants).  If you cut them in a VVVV fashion you can use the triangle pendants without the casing for another banner.
5.  Cut a heart shape from your scrap cardstock (or use a template) and center it on the pendant.

6.  Using paint and stencil brush tap STRAIGHT DOWN forcing the paint into the fibers of the fabric.  Remove the stencil and allow it to dry. 

7.  (optional) I added a little extra color to the edges of the pendants by inking up the edges with Distress Ink (Tim Holtz -vintage photo). 
Repeat for all pendants.

8.  Thread the pendants onto your trim (I used jute), and add a dab of hot glue to each opening to hold pendant to the trim.  This will help keep the pendants from sliding into each other as it hangs.

Hang and enjoy!

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