Monday, February 9, 2015

Loves of My Life Tree Tutorial

I think this has been my favorite DIY project, because it combined four LOVES of my life(photography, scrapbooking, making home deocr, and my family)!!! 
Materials: 3x4 printed pictures, black cardstock, scrapbook embellishments, mini clothes pins (or clips of some kind), a 6 inch tall vase, floral foam blocks, paper confetti, some 2 -3 feet tall, skinny sticks.
How to:
1. Print your pictures at approximately 3x4 inches.
2. Cut black cardstock at 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches (as many as you have pictures).
3.  Adhere pictures to the cardstock.
4. Embellish photo cards as desired.
(Note: you can use mini close pins, clips or any means that works
for you to attach your picture cards to your tree.
5.  Push the foral foam blocks or pieces, into the vase.  Make sure they are secure and won't wobble around.  Glue them into place if needed.
(Note: I got this vase at the DI for .75 cents, but you could always
buy and unfinished one also and paint it the color you want - I got lucky!).
6.  Poke the sticks into the floral foam so the branches are scattered. 
Secure the branches into place with hot glue.
7.  Cover the floral foam with paper confetti and glue it down.
(Note: you could also cover it with candies, crete paper, etc.).
8.  Add an embellishment (found this heart pick at Walmart).

9.  Pin, clip, or tie your picture cards into place on your Loves of Life tree.
Display and enjoy the smile this project brings to your life!

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