Monday, February 23, 2015

Sand Dollar Mixed Media

This sand dollar holds a wonderful week of memories for my family.  In 2013 we went to Disneyland with our 5 children, for the FIRST time!  We were so excited to go for months and I had invisioned the joy and excitement on thier faces hundreds of times.  Long story, short ... we had the most wonderful time, just as we hoped.  It was a magical week full of wonder and dreams coming true! 
One of the days we took a break and visited the beach.  My kids like to collect things, so they were out collecting shells and I was out taking lots of pictures.  It was also my sons birthday.  As I was walking along the shoreline I looked down and saw a tiny bit of this sand dollar poking out of the sand.  I expected to find a shell or a broke husk, but instead I pulled out this FULL sand dollar.  It was just one more wonderful thing to add to our amazing vacation. 
Well... it's been leaking sand every time I pick it up ... lol, but I've kept it in a safe location.  Everytime I saw it all those wonderful memories flooded back and I wanted to really capture the mood in my head.  I purchase this 5x5 shadow box frame from a dollar store to try a mixed media project and this sand dollar came to mind.  It was so fun, relaxing and refreshing to try something new and it makes me feel the way I did on the beach with my family. 

Materials: 5x5 shadow box frame, molding paste, paint (blues, white and bit of green), beads, glitter, paper flowers, fishing net, Tim Holtz bottle with sand, extra shells from our trip.

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Tina said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I have purchased some canvas to try some mixed media art but I've yet to start. This has inspired me to give it a try! :)