Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Button Heart Frame Tutorial

Welcome to Day 3 of my everyday Valentines fun.  Here is another fun idea for you ... and oh so simple!
Materials: frame, buttons, designer paper, trim, glue.
How to:
1. Cut the designer paper to fit in the frame (may or may not have a glass front).
2.  Lightly draw a heart on your paper with a pencil.
3.  Dump a handful of buttons on your paper and begin re-arranging until you have a basic heart look.  (Note: there can be gaps in random places, that what the second layer of buttons is there for).
Adhere those buttons down.
4.  Arrange a second layer of buttons on top of the first ones.  Be sure to cover any holes and spots that you don't like.  Adhere those buttons down.
5.  Place your creation in your frame.
6. Tie trim or a strip of fun fabric around the entire frame.

Credits: I used the leftover pieces of sample paper from my LOVE banner project to create the background paper.  Frame from Ross.

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