Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Who am I?

I have been searching, pondering, meditating, and praying to know were to go with my life and what to persue next.  I have been holding questions in my mind and searching for help, for knowledge, for experiences.  I have been consuming self-help books, audio tapes, etc.  I'm hungry for learning, for knowledge and for growth :) 
Last night, while looking for videos on 'live streaming,' (because I'd 'like to teach classes) I stumbled upon a company called Creative Live (they teach FREE education classes on-line).  One of their educational focuses is photography education and I LOVE photography, so I went searching for something, anything really.
That search led me to an amazing woman, Jasmine Star, wedding photographer.  In the videos I found she shared her story, her thoughts, her struggles, her ideas AND she connected to me in soo many ways.  Now... I am not looking to get married (very happily married with 5 children thanks), but her story so inspired me that I couldn't stop thinking of the difference it had already made in my life.
(video that inspired me)
The point that stood out most to me (and I'm sure I'll find something new another time, because I'm a geek and love to watch the same inpirational videos thousands of times), is that YOU are your BRAND.  Okay, back story my other studies I've been wondering 'what is my niche?  The thing that makes ME different than anybody else?'  Especially in this world where we often think that we can't compete with those so much more amazing than us.  I look at all the amazing you tubers, bloggers, design team members, photographers and think "I am so far behind the game, I'll never catch up, let alone succeed." 
Jasmine helped me see that I can only start where I am with what my skills are, and to find or create my niche market I need to show and share who I am. YOU are your BRAND. 
One of her strengths is writing (I too like to write and have written in journals for years) but she wrote on her blog and layed out all her fears, joys, frustrations, etc. for everyone to see (very brave)!  I've always written for me, not because I'm ashamed of what I write, but because I didn't think anyone would find 'me' interesting.  Oh, have I been wrong!
So, I am changing my boring blogging style to a more fun and exciting blogging style TODAY!  Instead of just posting photos of my projects and links to my website and patterns, I'm also going to share with you who I am?  What makes me tick?  Why I do what I love?  Who inspires me? What I'm afraid of and how I overcame it? Etc.  I'm sure I'll be sharing what I have studied and learned along the way, so ... come back and watch me grow AND grow with me!
Sharina Shack
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