Friday, February 20, 2015

"Let's Get Together"

Hey everyone!  I am truly honored to be part of  Tamra blog hop this weekend.  I only met Tamra  a couple months ago in the Mini Album Swaps and More group on facebook.  She has been so kind and helpful to me as I try to pursue my dreams of creating, teaching, and inspiring fellow crafters.  So thank you Tamra, I can't tell you how much this means to me.
A little bit about me ... I am first and foremost a mother!  When I was a little all I every dreamed of being was a mom.  My dad made me a little kitchen set, a couch, a little baby bassinet, etc. that I remember playing with ALL the time!  I have very vivid memories of playing in my bedroom with it, later it was moved to the cold unfinished basement with a piece of carpet and I played down their for hours!  I pretended to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, play with my dolls as if they were babies, and do what I thought mother's did!  LOL  Fast forward 20 or so years and here I am :)  I have five darling children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old and I LOVE IT!!!   For 10 years I have either been pregnant or holding a newborn baby ... whooo!  There have been a lot of good days and bad days, a TON of learning, but most of all MEMORIES!!!
In the few months I wasn't doing newborn stuff, right before I got pregnant, AGAIN, I pursed my passion for mini albums and sharing it with those in my local community.  As a result I have collected a random assortment of mini album projects (because I love to design and create) and written a number of patterns (because I like to share and teach).  Over the years my style has changed, evolved and grown AND it continues to.
Last year, they closed the classroom doors were I taught.  That propelled me into FINALLY breaking into social media (cause I'll be honest, I avoided it! I was afraid it would take me away from my first love -- my family!)  But I knew that was the next step for me.  I finally stumbled upon one facebook group that I have truly loved "Mini Album Swaps and More," and where I met Tamra.  This group has given me friends who really enjoy the craft and challenges I would have never tried had someone else not suggested it.  Social media was super scary for me (crazy I know), but I have met people I would never know anywhere else and they have lifted me.  I hope to inspire you in return!
A couple other things to note here... I am also a photographer (but I hate to say that here cause these pictures do NOT show my skill -- I took these a couple years ago, so be kind).  For better photos scroll down to other posts :) lol  I started pursuing photography about 3-4 years ago because I was spending so much time outside watching my kids and hardly anytime inside crafting.  I needed something to keep me learning and growing and not wasting away watching bikes ride up and down the street or sitting at the park... lol, all summer long! At least I could be out documenting my kids fun and all these MEMORIES even though I didn't have time to scrap them ... lol! 
I'll be honest, I do not know if I am doing things the right way or the correct order, I am just journeying :) I am pursuing social media (and I am slow at it)! but I keep taking tiny steps and I have new dreams to persue and grow towards.  Some of these dreams are to attend and even teach or demostrate at CKU and CHA, host/teach living streaming classes, be part of a design team, take my kids to Disneyland, continue to grow WITH my husband (who I have to say is amazing! couldn't do any of this without him).  I am excited about the future! 
I am super excited to have you here, peruse the blog, be inspired, laugh, cry, make memories! 
Oh and I almost forgot, lol, here are the links to the you tube video showing the "Let's Get Together" album and the pattern on my website.
Thank you so much!
Sharina Shack


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