Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day Party!

Happy Valentiens Day! from our little crew :)  We hope you had a wonderful day full of LOVE!
This is my last Valentines DIY post.  We try to keep things simple, fun, and doable for even the little one of our crew. 
Materials: little helpers, streamers, jello, valentines paper plates, construction paper, chocolate candie molds, colored chocolates, strawberries, whip topping.
How to:
1.  Decorate!!!
My little girl LOVES to decorate and she is super creative.  I leave the streamers to her and always smile at what she comes up with.  I cut out hearts from red, pink, and purple construction paper so my two boys can 'heart attack' our kitchen ... they LOVE this!
2.  Make some fun, simple dishes/snacks.
My oldest son carved roses out of strawberries.
My oldest daughter has taken a liking to cooking, so she was in charge of making the chocolate lips.

3.  Have fun being together and creating memories! 
This simple set up has become a tradition over the years.  They have taken over just about every process so I can just sit back, do a little directing, and take lots of pictures.  I laugh and smile a lot and look forward to our Valentines Day party! 

Happy Valentines Day!

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