Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines KISS

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Valentines is a day to show our love to those we care about so I make it a special evening for my kids, as well as my husband.  So my theme for Valentines is KISS ... Keep it Simple and Sweet!  It's fun to decorate and make yummy food for the holiday, but with five busy young kids SIMPLE is a must; and this year I had two extras (cousins) I was babysitting.  Over the years I've learned that I can make everything look perfect and do it all by myself (usually getting stressed and going crazy in the process) or have fun laughing, making memories, and letting my children experience the holiday fun with me.  So ... the strawberries and cookies are not dipped to perfection, nor are the cupcakes decorated with care, but I had a BLAST laughing, taking pictures, and watching them 'experience' valentines fun.  Besides, what are they really going to remember the 'perfect' food or the fun they had making it!?! 

Here are my four GREAT helpers.  What a mess!!!  Chocolate everywhere, cake batter on the counter, beaters in the face, licking fingers ... and elbows, whatever touched the glop!  The two boy cousins are even wearing the cutiest girly aprons (the only ones I had left).  Lol!! Worth every smile, laugh, and fun!

My idea of SIMPLE extends to decorations also.  In fact, cheap is also a great way to go ... cause kids don't know or care if it cost $1 or $20 for the center piece.  So most the decor you see here is from the dollar store (centerpiece, doillies, paper plates).  The table cloth and crystal goblets I've had for years.  And construction paper hearts take about 3 minutes to cut out, are disposable, and the kids love heart attacking the kitchen. 

So ... there you have it.  Simple and sweet ... and very memorable!  With love from my kitchen to yours.  Sharina

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