Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Haunting - Shadow Box Foto Folio

I am excited to share this a new series of projects with you today, I call: the Foto Folio Series.  In this series I will share a new Foto Folio project with you every two months, or more, if any extra ideas come to me along the way.  What is unique about these Foto Folio is that they function as a home décor items as well as a photo display.  Other foto folio I’ve seen are a fabulous way to hold your memories, but they seem to get tucked away and forgotten about.  With my foto folio projects you will be sure to keep these memories out all season by displaying them as home décor items on an entertainment center, a coffee table, or shelf.  You’ll find yourself enjoying the project and the memories more frequently, simply because they are out to see and enjoy.  Also, my projects incorporate the all familiar 3x4 and 4x6 cards used by most paper manufacturers and in other foto folio projects.

All the dimensions for cutting your chipboard and designer paper are in the Foto Folio Shadow Box pattern, which can be purchased on mywebsite here.  There will also be a video on my you tube channel that ‘shows’ you the process of how to assemble the project.  That folio will be done up with a fall theme.  You will be amazed at how different these folios look using the same pattern (alterations for both albums are in the pattern).  Video coming just after ThanksgivingHere is the link to the 'how to' video.

Credit: Happy Haunting - G45
Clock and Hands - Tim Holtz

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