Thursday, December 18, 2014

Expanded CD Case in Gingerbread

This is one of my favorite ways to share the season with family and friends.  I have designed an Expanded CD Case, in this case, using my Gingerbread Digital Collection and Extras.  All you need to do is add your favorite photos of the season to the frame and insert cards, print, and adhere the printed pages to the cardstock ablum.  The directions and dimensions to create this expanded CD are FREE on my you tube video, here. The instructions and digital files to complete the Gingerbread version are on my website, here.   But, what makes this project even more amazing is the CD tucked away neatly in the CD pocket.
All of these products are on sale this month :) at

Using these templates, link to them is here, and my Gingerbread Digital Collection and Extras, I create a ebook (that's what I call it).  I make as many double page layouts as I need to share all the fun and festivities of the season.  Then burn them to a CD.  You only have to make the digital album once, but you can burn as many CD's as you'd like to give away.  Tuck the CD away into this expanded CD case and give it as a fun gift, as well as keep one for yourself.  The one recieving the CD only needs to pop it into their TV and view your scrapbook.
Sample CD pages, below...

If you are TRADITIONAL SCRAPBOOKER, you can still do the same thing, INSTEAD take pictures of the pages you've created traditionally.  Burn that to a CD and share.  The directions and dimensions to create this expanded CD are FREE on my you tube video, here.  Or just burn your pics to a CD and add it to the pocket (no scrapbooking required).

I use this idea for more than just the Christmas holidays.  Here is the digital templates you can use for any season, event, or holiday season.  This album can be made using digital and traditional means of scrapbooking.  Happy Holidays!

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