Monday, March 24, 2014

Vintage Camera and Snap Shot Mini Album

Hello everyone ... I have a second Vintage Camera for you!  Here is the link for the you tube video.
I love photography!  Naturally, I acquired a taste for the old vintage cameras.  This pattern is created after the large format camera’s which were designed to be used with a tripod.  The front portion is called the view plate, which is where the photographer can view the picture they are taking.  The billows (the accordion part in the middle) holds all the focusing equipment and needs to be light tight.  The back portion is where the picture’s information is stored.  Likewise, the back portion of this camera is the storage for the Snap Shot Mini Album, which of course holds your precious memories.  The album has interactive elements that show off the older styles of picture taking and storing, such as the film strip and the Polaroid picture.
   You can purchase the Vintage Camera and Snap Shot Album pattern here ... or ... just the pattern for the Snap Shot Album here.  As always the directions to create these items are in a pdf downloadale format.  They include written directions, pictures, and any other diagrams or templates to complete the project.
Credits: paper "Mama Razzi" BoBunny
metal elements are Tim Holtz

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